Real Estate

Due Diligence

There is a fine line between risk and reward. GEL Consulting helps minimize the gap and provide sound data to guide you towards making positive decisions. By applying proven and refined processes, through our trusted resources and due diligence, we can help improve operational efficiencies, in addition to allowing real estate stakeholders to reach their desired results. GEL’s team of experienced professionals help you to eliminate the many risks associated with real estate transactions such as the unknowns that can postpone a potential deal resulting in lost time, finances and resources.

From acquisition and operational analysis to disposition, we can help you meet your needs for any property type through the real estate life cycle.

Risk Advisory Services

Real estate is constantly evolving, just like your business. The health of a business starts from the ground up, the home in which your business operates. GEL alleviate your stress and dedicates their time to mitigate risk, increase efficiency of operations with limiting growth. We work with investors, partners, joint ventures, lenders and third parties to help your business address current and potential risks in addition to developing and implementing strategies for your business to maintain a healthy environment and prosper.

Key Services:

• Real Estate Internal Audit
• Internal Controls
• Compliance
• Information Technology Risk Management
• Technology
• Information Security

Property and Portfolio Evaluation

Companies relocate, stores open and close, businesses expand and change with time. This creates a constant variance of occupancy levels, tenant demands, company needs, property usage and more all of which greatly impacts the property value.

GEL’s professionals work with you to establish goals, create a plan, finance, litigate, report and manage to help you find exactly the right space for your needs as well as evaluating your current location to maximize your investments. Our team can assist with acquisitions, market research, cash flow modeling, debt valuations and more.

GEL’s Areas of Expertise:

• Real Estate Financial Reporting
• Methods, Assumptions and Data Analysis
• Market Studies
• Fair Value Reporting
• Portfolio Benchmarking
• Tax Credit Advisory