Jarrett Vamvakidis CEO

With an international upbringing, Jarret was exposed to the world of oil and gas, global markets and diverse cultures from a young age. With a strong educational foundation in Accounting and Finance coupled with a creative vision instilled at a young age, Jarrett has built a proven track record with positively influencing business development across a variety of industries both stateside and abroad.

With the spirit of a true entrepreneur, he combined his strengths and mapped out his goals which led him to co-found GEL Consulting Group, Firebrand Land Company, We Plan and Vamva Investments. This drive to make the impossible, possible carries with him today and he thrives to do so in a way which positively impacts all parties. Jarrett’s passion, dedication and creative vision has led these companies down a successful path with a bright sustainable future.

Jarrett has an innate sense of what can be achieved and the tenacity to pull the components and people together. This sensibility, coupled with his proven accounting and finance history, Jarrett’s leadership and problem-solving capabilities has demonstrated great business strategy and development not only in his own ventures but for each and every one of his clients, providing the foundation of this consulting firm, GEL Consulting group. 


Alan Carameros Head of Operations

With Alan’s educational background in Economics, he strives to intertwine economic theory and project management to deliver unique land deliverables for whatever the project requires.

Born and raised in the Oil and Gas Hub of Houston, Texas, Alan has always been attracted to the oil patch from a young age. Growing up hearing tall tales of his grandfather’s Oil and Gas Midstream conquests abroad, he naturally set his sights on the Oil and Gas industry directly after college. However, it wasn’t until Alan became proficient in title due diligence and large land data analytics that he realized his true calling was in the GIS arena. 

To this day. the constant artistic-like battle between representing surface and subsurface ownership in GIS maps challenges Alan to push the envelope with software capabilities and land management. Alan brings experience. dedication and creativity to the GEL Consulting team as he merges technology and analytics into a unified platform for their clients to manage and prosper.